Good Practices while Raking

Raking is an excellent opportunity for Lakewood residents to exercise, but it’s not without risks. We’re always compassionate and eager to help at Kennedy Wellness, but a lot of the injuries we see were preventable. To help people start off their holiday season right and avoid wear-and-tear, we wanted to share some recommendations on yard work.
Any time we exercise or do labor we want to make sure we’re dressed for the job. Clothing should be warm, but breathable and flexible. It also should not have anything dangling from it, and people should remove jewelry and tie back their hair. Shoes should be well-supported, close-toed, and slip resistant.
The rake itself should be lightweight, but long enough for a person to use without needing to bend. When raking, stand next to the leaf pile with your feet in a scissor position and don’t lock your knees. You will probably need to switch which hand is higher on the handle about every five minutes. Don’t attempt to lift up leaves when they’re we…

Bones of the Spinal Column

Chiropractic treatment allows us to treat patient pain in a way that is non-invasive and low risk. At the practice of Dr. Nathan Kennedy, it is one of many complementary approaches we use to assist patients suffering from a variety of musculoskeletal problems. Since patients are more confident in their decisions and have higher compliance rates when they feel informed, we thought it would be good for them to understand the basics of how the back is structured.
The bones of the back are called vertebrae, and the ones that can move independently are said to be “articulated.” The neck bones are made up of the seven cervical vertebrae. The uppermost one is called the atlas and it is what moves the head up and down. The second one down is called the axis, and it moves the head from side to side. These two vertebrae are distinctly shaped; the rest follow a more common pattern and have spongy discs between them.
The thoracic vertebrae are the twelve which make up the upper back. In addition to…

Nutrition and Wellness

There is no better way to rejuvenate your health than by eating a well-balanced diet. In fact, even a few simple changes in your diet and lifestyle can have a positive impact on your health and can also prevent a variety of health problems in the future. As a trained wellness expert, at Kennedy Wellness Labs, Dr. Kennedy D.C. will assist you in developing the best version of yourself by providing needed guidance when it comes to your nutrition.
At Kennedy Wellness Labs, Dr. Kennedy D.C. is committed to the health and wellness of the people he treats, not just the treatment and management of whatever brought his patients through the door. Extra pounds contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease and can also cause serious musculoskeletal problems. Eating healthy should not be something that is done temporarily; it should become a lifestyle change. Clean eating removes toxins from the body, prevents injuries, improves posture and reduces stress while allowing you to feel your best…

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic is based on the idea of removing imbalances both structural and postural in an effort to allow the body to heal itself. Depending on the individual and the problem at hand, Dr. Kennedy, D.C., of Kennedy Wellness Labs may offer nutrition advice, exercise recommendations, or wellness tips to guarantee that you are living your highest quality of life.
If you’ve ever encountered some type of injury, whether it is by playing sports, falling down, or perhaps you’ve been injured in a car accident, chances are your body is not functioning at its highest peak due to a misalignment. Fortunately, our staff at Kennedy Wellness Labs has the ability and skill to remove these interruptions or misalignments and allow the body to perform as it was meant to. Chiropractic care does not only benefit the injured. You should consider seeking chiropractic care if you experience frequent pain in your back, neck or joints, as well as headaches.
If you have questions or concerns regarding chiropract…